About the Hatches

The Hatches have lived in the east, south, west and midwest of the United States. They’ve had many Hatchventures together, ranging from living for a month in the rainforest of Costa Rica to schlepping around China for three weeks to becoming cowboys-for-a-week in Wyoming. PapaHatch is on sabbatical this year in French-speaking Fribourg, Switzerland. The young Hatches (ages 10 & 12) are excellent travelers and are on board for this big adventure of a year in Europe.

MamaHatch: I have traveled my whole life (5 continents and 47 U.S. states so far) and have arranged in-depth travel for members of Congress, congressional staff, professional colleagues and philanthropists. My passion is helping people get the most out of their travel experiences (whether far away or close to home) and family travel that is fun and meaningful for all members. I speak French and Spanish and can muddle through Italian and other Romance languages as needed! Contact me for help in arranging your perfect trip.

Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo, China

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